Discover Your Potential

Discover Your Potential

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Why should you join EnsoFit?

At EnsoFit, we focus on three pillars of healthy living: Movement, Strength, and Wellbeing, to build a healthy mind and body, in a team environment.

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0.1 Personal Training:

Every EnsoFit club member receives Personal Training Programming specifically designed for you in a small group environment. Motivation and support from a friendly training team builds the consistency you need to achieve your goals.

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0.2 Results Driven:

Our EnsoFit Programmes are designed to meet your goals. Be consistent and the results will happen.

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0.3 Classes:

We have an exclusive range of innovative group classes, recommended for you to join, to compliment your Personal Training. Classes are kept small in size to keep quality high and injuries low. Contact us to learn more about our unique mobility sessions, Myzone training, and new Animal Flow classes!

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04. Consistent Support:

We support and advise you along your fitness journey, with expertise in exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing. You’re empowered to improve how you move, what you eat, how much you sleep. Without a doubt - you’ll be laughing more!

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