Train for the sport of life

Train for the sport of life

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The Ensofit Method

We train for the sport of life!
— Annie Nunn, Ensofit founder

At Ensofit, we focus on three pillars of healthy living: Movement, Strength, and Recovery, to build a healthy mind and body, in a team environment.

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0.1 We get you moving!

We step away from the gym routine and prepare your body for moving in ways it may be new to. Our mobility routines are the key to a successful session. We have a whole class dedicated to movement to help your recover between sessions, and prepare you for everyday life.

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0.2 We make you stronger!

Strength training is the key component to our Personal Training sessions. Using a variety of different forms of resistance training that will aid your health, body composition, muscle growth and injury resilience.

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0.3 We help you recover physically and mentally:

Our sports massage clinics will help to accelerate recovery between sessions, reducing stiffness, enhancing your mindset and ability to relax (after a massage!) Don’t believe all that you hear about deep tissue massage! We educate you on how to improve your health and nutrition, boosting your training and creating a solid foundation to a healthier mindset.

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